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Bleach Lost Souls Trello & Wiki – Race & Tips, Tricks

Welcome to Bleach Lost Souls Trello, In this Bleach Lost Souls Trello, we will show you tips and tricks for new players. Roblox Bleach Lost Souls is a game on the Roblox platform created by Roblox Bleach Lost Souls. This Roblox Bleach Lost Souls Trello details Location, abilities, and more.

The best way to improve your gameplay is to visit our Roblox Bleach Lost Souls Trello to learn some basics about this game we’ve created this Roblox Bleach Lost Souls Trello to make it easier for you.

We know that the Trello board and Discord Server contain a lot of information shared by pro players or content creators, so to help you get started, we’ve fetched a list of the most useful information from official Trello and Discord. Also Check: Bleach Lost Souls Code

Bleach Lost Souls Trello & Wiki

Spawning in

When you first spawn, you will be a Human. To progress to another race you must die and become a spirit. To die, you can get hit by a car in the city or get struck by lightning if it is raining.

After Death

After dying, you will be a Spirit with a chain of fate attached to your chest. To become a hollow, you must find a safe place and wait for your chain to fully corrode. To become a Shinigami, you must either find a Shinigami player to use Soul Burial on you or find Rukia.

Starter Leveling

After becoming your desired race (Soul Reaper/Shinigami or Hollow), click 8 to open your respective portal to go to your home realm. In there, you can find a quest board. Complete quests to level up and obtain new skills.

Late Leveling

Max level in the game is 102. This is increasable up to level 150 via use of vouchers obtained after quests.


[Q] – Dodge
[F] – Block
[WW] – Sprint
[Left Shift] – Charge
[Left Ctrl] – Shift Lock
[M] – Menu
[8] – Senkaimon
[N] – Meditate
[G] – Draw Sword
[P] – Spiritual Pressure
[J] – Spirit Sense
[K] – Carry
[L] – Grip
[U] – Soul Burial/Mask Pull
[Right Click While in Shift Lock] – Dash Attack
[Hollows Grip with their skills, skill tree specifies which ones]

Misc. Mechanics

Spiritual Pressure:

Click P to activate
Effects differ from slowing, to crippling, to outright killing your target.
Scales on total stat difference between the players


Arrancar Kido abilities scale on their highest stat. IE: If your highest stat is Strength, your Cero/Bala will scale on Strength.


Hollows can consume dead hollow NPC parts to regain small amounts of health

NPC Spawning

Spawning is determined based on Server Difficulty. Server Difficulty goes up or down depending on the total level of all the players currently in the server. As server level goes up, more difficult enemies will spawn, such as Adjuchas, Gillian, etc.


The Gym is where you go to raise your stats.

You get stat points from leveling up, but to actually allocate them you need Potential Points.

To get potential points you need to workout at the gym. The NPC at the front desk explains the exact process.



Humans have nothing special about them.

They cant attack, have access to no abilities, and cant see spirits.

The only thing a human can really do is die to become a spirit.


Spirits are born when a human dies. They have a chain of fate hanging from their chest.

Roughly every 30 seconds the chain will devour a section of itself until it is completely gone. When this happens, the Spirit will become a Hollow.

They can also look for a Shinigami player to use soul burial on them, or find the Rukia NPC to turn them into a Shinigami.


Shinigami have the weakest base stats, but get access to Shikai, Bankai, Visored, True Bankai, and the Kido skill tree.



First Stage of Hollow Evolution. Quite weak and have no special attributes. Hollows (and all of its stages/evolution until Vasto Lorde) scale off of main level as they cannot put in stat points.


200-250 Hollow Kills
Second Stage of Hollow Evolution. Gillians are very tanky, but lack mobilty and consistent damage. Their only form of attacking is Ground Smash and Cero (Acid Spit)


Complete Inner World Fight
Third Stage of Hollow Evolution. Notable for their speed and massive hitboxes. They are basically a supercharged hollow and can be dangerous if underestimated.
Vasto Lorde:

500-550 Hollow Kills

Fourth and final stage (for now) of Hollow Evolution. They are tankier than any arrancar and are capable of using the gym and assigning stat points. However, they are incapable of unlocking HP/Reiatsu upgrades, are locked to the Hakuda skill tree, and cannot unlock any Release abilities. Overall, they are very formidable and capable, but fall short when it comes to transformations.


Arrancar are born when a hollow rips off their mask and takes a more human-like form, similar in appearance to a Shingami. To rip off mask, players must press U and successfully complete the minigame. Arrancar have access to unique abilities such as Ressurection, Bala, Cero, Hierro, and more.

Arrancar naturally do more damage, have more HP, have more defense, and their Kido scales on their Highest stat (making allocating points into Reiatsu useless for them). There are three types of Arrancar:

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