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[DEMO] Roblox Countless Worlds Trello & Wiki

Countless Worlds is a roblox experience created by the developed by [Wholesome]. A Roblox game Endless World was made by [Wholesome]. In this guide, we’ll provide you with some important details, and if there is a Roblox Countless Worlds Trello, we’ll give you the URL for it.

For the time being, the Roblox Countless Worlds Trello is private/locked. Because the game is available in a demo version, Trello may be private for the time being also It’s in the works and will release on par with the game’s full release. Roblox game Trello is similar to the wiki where you can find information about such as weapons, races, devil fruits, NPC, bosses, and Map Locations.

Roblox Countless Worlds Trello & Wiki FAQ

Q : Where can I sell items?

You can’t atm

Q : Where are the hornets?

Read the pins in general

Q : How can I craft?

Use the crafting station in the starter town, or in Petrus Port.

Q : How can I buy/spawn in a boat?

You can buy a boat at the mechanic in Petrus Port. You can spawn you boat by pressing G near water.

Q : How do you fight enemies?

Jump on the orbs to deal damage

Q : How do I get a royal honeycomb?

From wasps and hornets. It’s a rare drop

Roblox Countless Worlds DEMO FAQ

Q: “How do I get my cosmetics from the CW badges?”

A: You can obtain the cosmetic items via the mailbox located in the village.

Q: “Will my progress carry over to the main game?”

A: No.

Q: “Does taking the cosmetics from the mailbox mean I won’t be able to get them on release?”

A: No. You’ll be able to get them both in the demo and on release via the mailbox.

Q: “What does my current class/style do?”

A: You can see the description of your currently equipped style by clicking on its icon near the weapon slot.

Q: “How do I swap targets?”

A: You can press CTRL while in combat to swap between different targets in a multi-battle.

Q: “Is there mobile support?”

A: No. At the moment, our plans for mobile support are only on release.

Q: What does ‘Luck’ do?

A: It increases drop chance from mobs, harvesting, mining and chance of getting rare suffixes.

Q: Do abilities stack?

A: No, unless otherwise specified


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