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How to Unlock Gear 2 and Gear 4 in Haze Piece

Welcome to our guide on How to Unlock Gear 2 and Gear 4 in Haze Piece Roblox. Unlocking Gear 2 and Gear 4 in Haze Piece Roblox involves steps and boss battles. This guide will provide a comprehensive walkthrough on obtaining these coveted skills.

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How to Unlock Gear 2 and Gear 4 in Haze Piece

Understand the Basics:

Gear 4 is an advanced form, not a new devil fruit.

To access Gear 4, you first need to awaken your rubber fruit.

Before unlocking Gear 4, Gear 2 is a mandatory requirement.

2. How to Unlock Gear 2 in Haze Piece

First, obtain the rubber fruit. It’s available as a rare fruit with a 10% chance.

Proceed to Bubble Island (straight North from the starter island).

Navigate to the not-so-secret wall inside the island, and you’ll encounter an NPC called “Fitness Trainer Yoka” or “Gear 2 Trainer”.

Talk to the trainer and complete his tasks. Exact costs might vary, but ensure you have enough in-game currency (belly and gems) before heading to Bubble Island.

Once completed, Gear 2 will be available in your skills list.

3. How to Unlock Gear 4 in Haze Piece

After securing Gear 2, head to the location of Luffy, the Gear 4 boss. It is crucial to be adequately powered to tackle this boss since it’s challenging.

The drop rate for the Gear 4 book from this boss is quite low, standing at 0.5%. Persistence is key, as you may need to defeat him multiple times.

After obtaining the Gear 4 drop, consume it. The Gear 4 ability will then appear in your skills list.

Haze Piece Gear 4 Skills Overview:

M1 Attack: A combo move that deals up to 700 damage, depending on various factors.

Kong Gun: An AOE attack.

Double Culverin: A long-range skill with an impressive hitbox.

Flight: Provides a limited flight ability.

Kong Organ: A move you can aim in multiple directions.

King Kong Gun: A devastating move with significant damage output.

Gear 4 Haze Piece Tips:

Before pursuing these upgrades, ensure you’re adequately powered and have enough game currency.

Use your new abilities strategically in battles for maximum impact.

Continue playing and upgrading, as the game might introduce new skills or changes in the future.

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