Moonlight Sculptor Best Class Tier List 2023 ( Beginner Guide )

Moonlight Sculptor is finally released globally and here we will show you Moonlight Sculptor Best Class tier list because tier list is the best way to start off your journey in Moonlight Sculptor. In this game, you will find many classes available with their own specialty and role. However, some classes have better skills and stats than others, that is why we might need a tier list guide to know which classes are the most suitable for you, With that said, let’s check the first Moonlight Sculptor Best Class of 2021.

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Moonlight Sculptor Best Class Tier List ( Beginner Guide )
Moonlight Sculptor Best Class

Moonlight Sculptor Best Class Tier List

We will be ranking every Class currently available in the game, Right now there are 5 class available in

Here is a list of Moonlight Sculptor Tier List of Best Class

  • Warrior
  • Mage
  • Archer
  • Paladin
  • Alchemist

1.) Warrior

The Warrior is a melee class that wields a two-handed weapon to deliver heavy strikes. Warrior is going to be your main tank in the game and another thing about warrior is it is equipped with heavy armor and a two-handed sword which is very powerful and has the highest weapon attack in the game

the warrior is really good in the early game as it can clear mobs with two hits in the early game so if you want togo strong in early game I’ll definitely recommend you to use the warrior class in early games

Since Warrior is a Mele class he will work well in PvP mode.

2.) Mage

The mage utilizes high intelligence to conjure all sorts of elemental magic. The Mage is a great DPS class and  He gears up with cloth armor.

Mage specializes in AOE damage so they do a lot of damage but is mainly targeted as an area so it’s very good for farming of course.

3.) Archer

Archer is a ranged class that fights in tandem with tamed monsters, the Archer is another great DPS and backline it doesn’t have as many AOE as a Mage it has more a single target focus.

The archer’s gear is Light armor, a bow and an arrow so the one thing that makes the archer glass unique is that it has a taming system right is where you can go out into the wild and you can tame monsters and you can actually have them as your pet

They will fight alongside you in combat so that’s a very unique playstyle about the archer and of course archer is also a great farmer due to it having a pet system. Archer is my favorite Moonlight Sculptor Best Class.

4.) Paladin

As a disciple of the goddess Freya, the paladin protects allies from hostile forces. The paddle is very easy to play it’s a supporting sub-tank it’s the only class with healing so that makes paladin actually very good in PVE and PVP as well.

If you do want to play a more supporting class it’s paladin for sure you should definitely try him out paladin is going to be sought after a lot as well probably more than the warrior just because of how good just because the paddling class is only class with healing for your team as well as buffers and the paddling can act as a sub-tank as well.

The paladin deals slow damage of course so don’t be expecting him to do a lot of damage.

Paladin has crowd control skills and healing which makes it very good for PvE and PVP.

5.) Alchemist

The Alchemist makes use of various chemicals and the power of Homunculus to fight.

The alchemist is spell damage is the spell damage dagger so he does do magic damage and his second weapon was is a flask the flask is where he throws the potion at you which makes him into a long-range

That is for the Moonlight Sculptor Best Class Tier List ( Beginner Guide ) available so far. Stay tuned to this page for more information in the future.

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