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Pirates Destiny Fruit Tier List Wiki – Best Devil Fruits Guide

Welcome to our Pirates Destiny Fruit Tier List Wiki, In this article we will show you Pirates Destiny Best Devil Fruit. This is a  One Piece Non-Canon Roblox spin-off game where the player creates their own character.

There are 11 fruits in Pirate Destiny, Light, Sand, ice, Smoke, Flame, Chop, Bomb, Invisible, Barrier, Kilo & Love. These devil fruits are also known as Cursed Fruits. So come and take a look at this Pirates Destiny Fruit Tier List Wiki

Pirates Destiny Fruit Fruits Guide

Understanding Fragments and Fruits:

Fragments are the primary way to spin for fruits. They come in various rarities: common, rare, and legendary.
The type of fragment determines the kind of fruit you can get.

Acquiring Fruits:

You can get fragments from different quests or by being lucky and finding them scattered throughout the world.

Once you have enough fragments, you can talk to the NPCs marked with the fragment icon to spin for fruits.
Tier List (Based on available information):

Pirates Destiny Fragmented Fruits Guide

The Black Market, The Cursed Lab, The Factory… they have many names.

Fragment Fruits are genetically modified fruits that eventually turn into their final product: Man-made Cursed Fruits.


Their goal is unknown, but the World Government has been trying to keep an eye on them so it must be big.
The truth is that, for some reason, they have been distributing these Fruits for free… They have spread to pretty much all islands and they leave behind Fragments – insignias which, uppon collected, can be exchanged at a Fragmenter for a fruit of equal power to the rarity of the insignia.


10x Green Fragments
– Common Fruit (Suke, Kilo)

10x Blue Fragments
– Rare Fruit (Bomb, Chop, Barrier, Love)

10x Purple Fragments (unobtainable)
– Epic Fruit (Zoans)

10x Orange Fragments
– Legendary Fruit (Flame, Ice, Sand, Smoke, Light)

Pirates Destiny Fruit Tier List – Best Fruits

Tier S

  • Light – Tier S
  • Sand – Tier S
  • Ice – Tier S
  • Smoke – Tier S
  • Flame – Tier S

Tier A

  • Barrier
  • Love
  • Explosion
  • Pieces

Tier B

  • Weight
  • Chop
  • Bomb
  • Invisible

How Do I Get a Devil Fruit in Pirates Destiny?

You can get a Devil Fruit by finding it across the map, different fruits have different chances to spawn, but keep in mind the map is big it may be hard to find them, there are also other unique methods to find fruits though they haven’t been revealed yet.

That’s it for this Pirates Destiny Fruit Tier List

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