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Rush Royale Sea Dog Decks – Strategies, Tips and Guide Wiki

Complete Guide to using the Rush Royale Sea Dog: Basic information and Best Rush Royale Sea Dog Decks. In this article, we are going to focus on the new Rush Royale Legendary card Sea Dog and some of the best decks for Sea Dog.

The Sea Dog is a brand new Legendary card from the Dark Domain. You can unlock Sea Dog from the Rush for Glory event which means all F2Ps have a chance to unlock Sea Dog without spending money.

Merging a Sea Dog will create treasure on a tile. If a unit on such a tile is merged or their rank is increased, the treasure is collected.

Collecting treasure will increase damage and area damage for the Sea Dogs and temporarily increase their attack speed. Rare Treasure will give you additional bonuses. Mana’s ability moves treasure tiles around the battlefield.

During a battle, the Sea Dog digs up treasure, growing stronger with every chest he finds. You have to try to end the battle as soon as possible because the longer battle will go on, the more powerful Sea Dog will become.

Card Talents:

Level 9:

At level 9, the Sea Dog gains the ability to uncover ghosts who can paralyze your opponent’s units, further enhancing your battlefield control.

Level 11:

At level 11, the Sea Dog can instantly dig up treasures, increasing his battle power rapidly.

Level 13:

Upon reaching level 13, the Sea Dog gains options for dealing with powder kegs.

Level 15:

The final talent at level 15 allows the Sea Dog to summon the Phantom Frigate, a ship equipped with powerful cannons. This overwhelming offensive ability leaves surviving enemy monsters with little chance of survival.

Rush Royale Sea Dog Guide & Tips

When merging the Sea Dog a treasure tile will appear on the battlefield. If any unit on the tile is merged or its rank is increased, you’ll receive treasure.

A Mana Power-up will move these tiles randomly around the field. Treasure can be either rare or regular.

The regular ones will temporarily increase the attack speed of all the Sea Dogs and add 1 to the collected treasure counter. There is a 10% chance of rare ones being found, each counting as 3 collected treasures, and yielding mana equal to 200% of the cost of summoning the unit.

Each time treasure is found, the Sea Dogs will increase their damage and area damage. Area damage is increased by a maximum of 100%. The maximum accumulated treasure will increase with each talent.
Collect reward

#1 Rush Royale Sea Dog Decks

  1. Sea Dog
  2. Shaman
  3. Demonologist
  4. Harlequin
  5. Summoner

This deck is only for those player who have all the legendary cards.

#2 Rush Royale Sea Dog Decks

  1. Sea Dog
  2. Trapper
  3. Dryad
  4. Harlequin
  5. Summoner

#3 Rush Royale Sea Dog Decks

  1. Sea Dog
  2. Engineer
  3. Harlequin
  4. Dryad
  5. Vampire

This Sea Dog Deck is for F2P.

In this deck, the Engineer provides consistent damage while the Harlequin duplicates your most powerful units (hopefully your powered-up Sea Dog). Dryad is there for healing, and Vampire is included for mana generation.

#3 Rush Royale Sea Dog Decks

  1. Sea Dog
  2. Crystalmancer
  3. Reaper
  4. Vampire
  5. Bombardier

Crystalmancer and Reaper provide high single-target damage to take down strong enemies. Vampire ensures a steady mana supply, while Bombardier provides area damage.

#4 Rush Royale Sea Dog Decks

  1. Sea Dog
  2. Catapult
  3. Lvy
  4. Plague Doctor
  5. Vampire

This deck makes the most of Sea Dog’s cannon summoning abilities. Catapult and Lvy provide area damage and shields, respectively. Plague Doctor debuffs enemies, and Vampire helps with mana generation.

#5 Rush Royale Sea Dog Decks

  1. Sea Dog
  2. Vampire
  3. Hunter
  4. Grindstone
  5. Sentry

The “Ghost Ship” deck emphasizes on single-target damage, with Hunter and Sentry. Grindstone improves damage, and Vampire is there for mana regeneration.

That’s it for this Rush Royale Sea Dog Deck Guide Wiki

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