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Tatakai Remastered Wiki Fandom – Beginner Guide & More

Welcome to our Tatakai Remastered Wiki & Fandom, In this Tatakai Remastered Wiki & Fandom, you find information basic about the game. The best way to improve your gameplay is to visit our Tatakai Remastered Fandom to learn some basics about his game because we’ve created this Tatakai Remastered Wiki to make it easier for you.

It is a game based off Kengan, with references from Solo Level, Baki and even Hunter x Hunter. We know that the Fandom board and Discord Server contain a lot of information shared by pro players or content creators, so to help you get started, we’ve fetched a list of the most useful information from official Fandom and Discord.

Tatakai Remastered Wiki & Fandom

When you first start off you will be spawned with your combat and phone. Go to your phone, and click on jobs. From there you will be given a job. Complete it and you will be paid. You can read our Tatakai Remastered Tier List – Best Clan & Skills and Tatakai Remastered Trello


Image: Tatakai Remastered Fandom

Health – The Green Bar represents your HP (Health Points) Once it reaches zero, you will get knocked. When you enter combat your name is red.

Stamina – The Blue Bar represents your stamina. Once it reaches zero you will also get knocked.

Hunger – The Brown Bar represents your hunger. Once it reaches zero you will no longer regenerate stamina.

Money – The Yellow Number represents your money.

Name – This shows your first and last name. Depending on your last name, you may have a special move or random trait.


Strength – Improves your Damage
Durability – Improves your Health (can take more hits)
Speed – Run faster
Stamina – You have more Oxygen
Focus – You can use Modes longer

Traits – Helps to gain more one of the respective stats more depends which Trait you get.
Strength = from 1% to 5%
Speed = from 1% to 5%
Durability = from 1% to 5%

Talent – Talents are there to be able to do more than you can as example Damage Talent = more Damage to Player.
Speed Talent = more Speed to Player.
Endurance Talent = more Durability to Player.
Overall Talent = more (Damage, Speed, Durability) to Player.

Employee Level

Image: Tatakai Remastered Trello
Image: Tatakai Remastered Fandom

To increase your employee level you have to do jobs. Employee Level increases the amount of money acquired from jobs. Max employee level is 15.


Traitless = nothing
Strength = from 1% to 5%
Speed = from 1% to 5%
Durability = from 1% to 5%

Clan storage: You get 1 clan slot where u can store your clan. command “!storeclan”

Controls Character:

Q + WASD – Dash
WW – Run
M1 – Basic Combat
M2 – Block Breaker
C – Carry
F – Block
B – Grip

You can read our Tatakai Remastered Tier List – Best Clan & Skills

Grinding tips

As soon as you load in game do jobs and get the stamina mask from the hospital.

The best way to get strength early game is punching the bags with gloves (macro pushups when you can do them fast)

The best way to get Durability early game is to use impact trainings while getting hit by 2 people (Its not damage its amount of hits)

The less amount of hunger you have the more durability gain

The best way to get strength late game is using vests and dumbbells

The best way to get durability late game is using vests and pull up bars

Gym card

Gym Card
Image: Tatakai Remastered Fandom

You need a gym card to train pullups without a gym card you won’t be able to train both of the methods.

Max stat cap

Max Stat Cap
Image: Tatakai Remastered Fandom

2000 Strength

4000 Durability

300 Speed

7500 Stamina

600 Focus

Impact training

Works like this: You need two players and you have to hit the player using the Impact Training till the Item disappears from the Inventar.


There are Items that gives you XP and with that you can gain more Stats.

Chicken gives XP and costs 150$
Protein Shakes also gives XP and costs 200$
Chocolate Shakes gives XP and gives no hunger (Best for dura training)

Protein Shakes are the best to use.

Can be found at the Gym


In order to do a training you need to click on the screen. When you start off you will only be able to do 1 training until you are high enough in stats to do multiple

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