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Touhou Tower Assault Trello & Wiki – Beginner Guide

Welcome to Touhou Tower Assault Trello, In this Touhou Tower Assault Trello, we will show you tips and tricks for new players. Roblox Touhou Tower Assault is a game on the Roblox platform created by Roblox Touhou Tower Assault. This Roblox Touhou Tower Assault Trello details Location, abilities, and more.

The best way to improve your gameplay is to visit our Roblox Touhou Tower Assault Trello to learn some basics about this game we’ve created this Roblox Touhou Tower Assault Trello to make it easier for you.

We know that the Trello board and Discord Server contain a lot of information shared by pro players or content creators, so to help you get started, we’ve fetched a list of the most useful information from official Trello and Discord. Also Check: Touhou Tower Assault Code

Touhou Tower Assault Trello & Wiki

[Player Levels]:

Player levels can be increased by doing any stages. Levels are used to unlock unit slots at level 15 and 30. Additionally, there are tasks for reaching certain levels, and you can redeem crystals from them.

[Tower Levels]:

Tower levels, similarly to player levels, can be increased by doing any stages. Additionally, you can use materials as exp as well. As of right now, the max amount of levels a tower can have is 50.


Are a resource that are used to summon for more Towers. They can be obtained by completing tasks, stage rewards, codes, quests, infinite, and more.


Is a resource that can be used to buy things from the Gold shop, as well as evolving certain towers. You can obtain more by completing tasks, selling towers, exchanging from shops, and doing challenges.

[Materials and Evolutions]:

Materials are used to evolve certain towers, and alternatively can be used as enhancement material for tower exp.

They can be obtained by beating story stages or bought from the Gold Shop. Each story stage gives a different material.

Keine Kamishirasawa LEGEND TOWERS is the only tower that can evolve currently. However, more towers will get their respective evo in due time.


[Talent Shards]:

Are a resource that are used to reroll talents for a tower. Rolled talents essentially become stat passives that you can equip on your tower, ranging from Common (61%), Rare (35%) and Legend( 4%).

They can be obtained through completing tasks, clearing extra stages, buying them from shops, doing challenges, and more. It is also possible to sell a legend+ tower for 64 talent shards.

[Raid Tokens]:

Are obtained through completing a raid stage. They can be exchanged in their respective raid shop for rewards. Some raid shops may even have exclusive towers you can exchange for with raid tokens.

Status Effects and Enemy Modifiers

[Status Effects]:

Are debuffs that enemies and towers can be inflicted by. Status effects cannot be stacked, meaning you can’t consecutively stun a enemy, slow a enemy etc.

[Tower Inflicted Debuffs]:

  • Stun: Dazes a enemy, causing them to stay in place briefly.
  • Slow: Slows a enemy, causing them to move slower briefly.
  • Bleed: Inflicts a enemy with bleed damage incrementally. It also causes enemies who heal under the effect to heal to 1, and then doubles the heal CD.
  • Weaken: Enemies that are inflicted with weaken take more damage for the duration.
  • Knockback: Enemies inflicted by knockback are pushed back a fair distance.

[Enemy Inflicted Debuffs/Modifiers]:

Are passives that enemies can spawn in with. Ranging from making themselves faster, to stunning towers and even passively debuffing towers. Some debuffs are global, meaning they affect every tower on the map.


Fast: Enemy has a faster walkspeed.

Accel: Enemy progressively gains speed overtime.

Run (Not to be confused with Fast): Enemy progressively loses speed overtime.

Healing: Enemy regains health in intervals when damaged. However, enemies that attempt to heal under the effect of bleed, heal for only 1, and also doubles the heal CD for the next instance of healing.

Guard: Enemy gains shield, which makes a instance of damage do only 1 dmg per shield. Overtime, it regenerates back all the shield that it once had.

Sky: Airborne enemies can only be hit by hybrid, hill and certain skills. Some ground towers may gain hit sky through upgrading as well.

Spawn: Enemy spawns in more enemies in intervals.

Multi: Spawns in a enemy in the same location upon death.

Warp: Enemy warps forward in long intervals.

Revive: Upon death, enemy revives with full health. However, they will continuously revive repeatedly until they finally die for the last time.

Demoralize: Tower’s Attack Stat is reduced by 25% for the duration.

Blind: Tower’s Range Stat is reduced by 35% for the duration.

Chill: Tower’s Speed Stat is reduced by 15% for the duration.

Silence: Tower is unable to activate their Ability for the duration.


Towers that have the same element as the targeted enemy will deal x2 damage. However, if a tower does not have a matching element as a enemy, damage will be halved. Elements usually come into play during lunatic stages and certain challenges.

That’s it for this Touhou Tower Assault Trello & Wiki

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