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Untitled Boxing Game Tier List – Best Fighting Styles [UNUSUALS]

Ready to dominate in Untitled Boxing Game? Look no further because, with our Untitled Boxing Game Tier List, we’ve got you covered! Our Untitled Boxing Game tier list will help you to find the best tower in the game.

There are many types of Tower in the game such as Common, Uncommon, Legendary and Rare  So come and take a look at the complete Untitled Boxing Game Tower Tier List.

Untitled Boxing Game Tier List – Best Fighting Styles

“A real fighter fights with his fists, and nothing else. You’ve gotta adjust your attitude.”

Fighting Styles are obtained with Spins

The game currently features six distinct fighting styles of varying rarity, each offering exclusive benefits such as enhanced reach, increased punching speed, improved dodging, and more.

Each fighting style has a unique ultimate move, each with a varied amount of damage depending on the style.


Punishes others with devastating flicker jabs, and chopping rights. Fast startup with good range, great damage, but weak dash.

Ultimate: Nightmare Barrage


Using a variation of the Peek-a-boo style, Ippo is an in-fighter with a barrage of hooks to the head and body, along with rib-cracking and jaw-breaking uppercuts. Good damage, good dash, slower startup.

Ultimate: Dempsey Roll:


Although you look goofy, you’re hard to read. Weird punches and insanely fast dash cancels make you hard to hit. Decent damage, great mobility, weak stamina recovery.

Ultimate: Look-Away Frog Punch


Precision beats power, timing beats speed. Your punches do less damage, but you get a huge damage bonus on counters and have a good dash.

Lowest M1 dmg in game but your counters do 3x dmg

Ultimate: Jolt Blow


Basic doesn’t mean bad. Rough around the edges, but can be just as effective as other styles with its balanced stats.

Ultimate: Full Force Uppercut

Long Guard

With the lead hand out that far, your jab is probably going to land first. Faster start-up and punches in exchange for slightly weaker light punches and dash.

Ultimate: 1-1-2


Tough, gritty and crude. Signature attack is the Smash Punch – a half-hook-uppercut that deals high damage (bonus to blocking victims) but hard to land and follow up with.

Ultimate: Smash Punch Finisher:

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