Disney Mirrorverse Tier List 2023 March – Best Characters

Welcome to our Disney Mirrorverse Tier List Wiki, which provides a comprehensive overview of all units. Tier List is the best way to start off your journey in the game and In this article, you will find the best characters in the game.

Follow this article to find out the Disney Mirrorverse Tier List 2023 below.

Disney Mirrorverse Tier List 2023Β 

In Disney Mirrorverse, There are so many characters and according to the official Discord Disney Mirrorverse Tier List, Ariel and Scar are the best characters in Disney Mirrorverse. Also, read here: Disney Mirrorverse Game Mode Guide (Explained)

Disney Mirrorverse Tier List Best Guardians

Disney Mirrorverse Guardians Tier List Ranking meaning

There are 4 types of Guardians in Disney Mirrorverse, Melee, Tank, Support, and Ranged, In this Disney Mirrorverse Guardians Tier List, we have mentioned all types of guardians.

Guardians are divided into five tiers in this Disney Mirrorverse tier list: S Tier, A-Tier, B Tier, C Tier, and D Tiet. The OP/best characters are listed in the S tier. We list the Good Guardians in the A category. Average Guardians are ranked in B Tier, Weak Guardians are ranked in C Tier, and Bad Guardians are ranked in D Tier

S Tier Guardians

  • Ariel – S Tier
  • Hiro Hamada – S Tier
  • Jack Skellington – S Tier
  • Maui – S Tier
  • Mickey Mouse – S Tier
  • Mr. Incredible – S Tier
  • Scar – S Tier
  • Tron – S Tier

A Tier Guardians

  • Aladdin – A Tier
  • Baymax – A Tier
  • Buzz Lightyear – A Tier
  • Evil Queen – A Tier
  • Frank Wolff – A Tier
  • Gaston – A Tier
  • Goofy – A Tier
  • Judy Hopps – A Tier
  • Oogie Boogie – A Tier
  • Snow White – A Tier
  • Woody – A Tier

B Tier Guardians

  • Anger – B Tier
  • Donald Duck – B Tier
  • Elsa – B Tier
  • Eve – B Tier
  • Jack Sparrow – B Tier
  • Maleficent – B Tier
  • Mulan – B Tier
  • Rapunzel – B Tier
  • Scrooge McDuck – B Tier
  • Sulley – B Tier
  • Tiana – B Tier
  • Ursula – B Tier

C Tier Guardians

  • Anna – C Tier
  • Baloo – C Tier
  • Belle – C Tier
  • Hades – C Tier
  • Hercules – C Tier
  • Merida – C Tier’
  • Mike Wazowski – C Tier
  • Stitch – C Tier

D Tier Guardians

  • Captain Hook – D Tier
  • Genie – D Tier
  • Ian Lightfoot – D Tier
  • Minnie Mouse – D Tier
  • Tinker Bell – D Tier

That’s it for this Disney Mirrorverse Tier List 2023 – Best Characters.Β  For moreΒ Game Tier Lists You can also read our BDO Tier List and Echocalypse Tier List

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