Eroica Tier List 2023 March – Selective Summon List

Welcome to our Eroica Tier List 2023, which provides a comprehensive overview of the characters. Tier List is the best way to start off your journey in the game and In this article, you will find Eroica Best Characters Wiki & Eroica Best Heroes.

Follow this article to find out the Eroica Tier List PvP Wiki below.

Eroica Tier List 2023 Selective Summon

This Gacha Game is now released and our Eroica Selective Summon tier list for the Eroica. Based on how well each hero performs across all of the various types of modes, we assign them a rating. Eroica PvE and Eroica PvP are included. The ratings are completely subjective.

They are based on the individual judgment of seasoned players who have advanced to all levels of the game.

Eroica Tier List Ranking meaning

  • Tier S – Overpowered.
  • Tier A – Great, core of many teams.
  • Tier B – Good, but not the best.
  • Tier C – Average, underused.
  • Tier D – Below average, rarely used.

Tier S

  • Melavi – Tier S
  • Gaffs – Tier S
  • Orslasha – Tier S

Melavi is an Eroica SR Hero and It is good for both PvE and PvP.

Basic Skill – Sword of Dragon
Burst Gauge Charge – 10
MP Recovery – 1

Deals 95.00% of ATK to a target.

  • A – 25% chance to Bun it for 1 turn.
  • B – 35% chance to extend the shortest Burn, duration by 1 turn if the target is burned.
  • Gaffs

Tier A

  • Xenia – Tier A
  • Wraith – Tier A
  • Milena – Tier A
  • Lisa – Tier A
  • Sumi – Tier A
  • Florence – Tier A

Tier B

  • Soare – Tier B
  • Guts – Tier B
  • Freyja – Tier B
  • Mintz – Tier B
  • Muto – Tier B
  • Stella – Tier B

Tier C

  • Kipkirui – Tier C
  • Cascarson – Tier C
  • Nene, Luna – Tier C
  • Chloe – Tier C
  • Marion – Tier C

Tier D

  • Retinya – Tier D
  • Nero – Tier D
  • Lenn – Tier D
  • Airi – Tier D
  • Emuwald – Tier D

That’s it for this Eroica Tier List 2023 – Best Selective Summon Guide. For more Game Tier Lists You can also read our Awaken Chaos Era Tier list and Higan Eruthyll Tier List

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