[ReKenK2!] Ro-Ghoul [ALPHA] Trello & Wiki

Hi guys, welcome to our Roblox Ro Ghoul Trello, In this Roblox Game Trello, we will show you information about the basics of the game and Kagunes, Quinques, NPC and Bosses.
So come take a look at this Roblox Ro Ghoul Trello. Also, Check out Shindo Life Eye ID Codes and All-Star Tower Defense Codes


If you’re looking for Trello here’s the link:

  • Roblox Ro Ghoul Trello

Ro Ghoul Alpha ReKenK1:

Passive 1 (Insane): This kakuja has mild insanity effects.
Passive 2 (Centipede Sprint (Single Mode)): Run 2x faster but cannot dash.
Passive 3 (Centipede’s Agility (Dual Mode)): Dash 25% further and 25% faster.

Attack (Single): Pierce upwards, pulling and knocking up targets.

  • 1.5s CD.
  • 1.2 damage.

Attack (Dual): Swing your kagune, alternating per use.

  • 0s CD.
  • 0.8 damage.

Special 1 (Single): 0.3s Wind-up with an anti-grab, then swing and knockback enemies.

  • 2s CD.
  • 1.8 damage.

Special 1 (Dual): Quickly strike forward, dealing light damage. This attack deals bonus damage against stunned or disabled targets.

  • 1s CD.
  • 1.2 damage, 1.5 to stunned targets.

Special 2 (Single): After setting a target location with a 0.3s wind-up, swing your kagune at that location and grapple yourself to the target location. This attack also knocks targets to that location.

  • 2s CD.
  • 1.5 damage.

Special 2 (Dual): Leap forwards at a high velocity, slamming the ground after releasing the special 2 key or after a max time. The ground slam stuns.

  • 2s CD.
  • 1.5 damage.
  • 0.5s stun.

Special 3 (Single): Run 3x faster instead of 2x faster, comboing the next target you make contact with. A knockup hit, followed by a knockback hit. Use again to cancel the attack.

  • 1.5 damage, then 1.5 damage.
  • 4s CD.

Special 3 (Dual): After an uninterruptible 0.2s wind-up, become untargetable for 0.6 seconds, healing a total of

  • 25% of your missing health in increments of 4.
  • 0.2s wind-up.
  • 2.5 – 10s CD depending on the amount of missing health.

Special Bonus: Toggle between dual and single mode. Single mode activates Centipede Sprint. Dual mode activates Centipede’s Agility.

That’s it for this Roblox Ro Ghoul Codes Trello

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