Waven Best Build Guide for Sram – Avalanche builds

Looking for the perfect Waven Best Build for each Class? Don’t worry, In this guide, we will tell you How to find the perfect build for you in Waven and Some Waven Best Build Guide for Sram.

This guide provides an in-depth understanding of how to optimize the Sram build, particularly with the Avalanche synergy.

Waven Best Build Guide for Sram – Avalanche builds

Key Components of the Build:

Semelles & Pulsion: The low-cost Semelles combined with Pulsion, arguably one of the game’s best spells, grants you increased movement and control.

Trap Diversity: Including a trap from every element ensures maximum utility from the Pulsion’s trapper effect. Youc an combine Traps for enhanced effects and It will providing you versatile arsenal for various combat scenarios.

Companions – Oracle & Shanice: Essential for optimal positioning and Avalanche triggering, these companions amplify your area control, ensuring enemies remain within your kill zones.

Recommended Spells:

Horrifi: Focuses on setting up trap assemblies around a 3×3 zone. This ensures that if enemies move out of your Avalanche’s impact zone, they still take significant damage.

Richie: While Richie can be a formidable single-target damage dealer, its potential within an Avalanche build leans towards area damage. The trick is to set up multiple traps with the Magnetic Trap, leveraging the cumulative damage rather than the passive’s multiplier.

Surin: Surin capitalizes on the trapper effect, allowing additional trap placements. With its class spell, Surin can both deal area damage and, if you have the trapper bonus active, get benefits like PA reduction or additional positioning tools.

Bracelets & Rings:

Bracelet of Rebound: This is a default choice due to its adaptability.

Noreo Ring & PA Reserve Ring: The Noreo allows you to draw additional spells, while the PA Reserve Ring boosts your reserve PA, further enhancing your Avalanche’s frequency and flexibility.


Zone Control: Use Horrifi to set up a 3×3 trap zone, ensuring that enemies within this area are deterred from moving out due to the impending trap damage.

Positioning: Use your low-cost spells, combined with Pulsion, to ensure you and your enemies are always optimally placed relative to your Avalanche zone.

Companion Utilization: Oracle and Shanice should be deployed strategically to ensure that your Avalanche is triggered at the right moments, dealing maximum damage.

The Sram class in Waven, when optimized with the Avalanche build, can be a dominating force on the battlefield.

Remember to adapt based on your opponent’s strategy and always prioritize zone control and positioning.

That’s it for this Waven Best Build Guide, If you want to learn about beginner guide, head over to our Waven Guide page and For a Complete guide for heroes make sure to check out Waven Tier List page

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