Waven Guide Wiki – Complete Walkthrough for New Players

The wait is over and Waven is now available on Steam. Our Waven Guide Wiki will give you a complete walkthrough about Resources, Runes, Equipment and other useful details.

So come and take a look at this Waven Guide Wiki. If you want to learn about heroes then our Waven Tier List will help you to find the best hero.

Waven Guide Wiki

1. Resource Management:

Equipment Upgrade: You can use extra copies of equipment and the in-game currency, ‘comma’, to upgrade your Equipment.

Island Currency: Whenever you defeat enemies within islands, You will earn Island currency and those currencies can be used in the Island Shop.

Common Rings and Armbands: These are economical and can be easily upgraded. Especially for new players, investing in these common items offers guaranteed stats beneficial for progression.

2. Equipment Guide:

Common Armbands and Rings: While it might be tempting to look for rare items, start by collecting and upgrading common armbands and rings you find from enemies. They are more cost-effective initially and help in progression.

High Rarity Equipment: Although they offer better stats, they can be expensive and hard to come by. For beginners, it’s advisable to focus on common equipment first.

3. Island Exploration:

Equipment Drops: If you want to see the Equipment Drops then you have to click the button on the top right of the main island selection screen to see a list of potential drops for rings, companions, and bracers for that island.

Quests: Always look out for daily quests when visiting an island. They provide currency, experience, and special chests that might contain spells, equipment, or companions.

4. Runes:

Acquisition: Most runes, essential for upgrading equipment, can be earned by completing island challenges. As they are one-time rewards, visit each island to collect them.

Types of Runes: There are three main types – companion runes, spell runes, and equipment runes.

5. Using Chests:

Character-Specific: When opening spell chests, the spells revealed will correspond to the character you are currently using. For instance, using a Zeller class will reveal Zeller spells.

Equipment & Companions: They aren’t character-specific and can be used on any class or character.

6. Companion Leveling:

Invest Wisely: Companions, while useful, often last just a turn. So, initially, it’s more fruitful to invest resources in levelling up equipment and spells. Companions can be the last on your upgrade list.

That’s it for this Waven Guide Wiki – Complete Walkthrough for New Players.

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