Mighty Omega Trello 2023 – Traits, Apptitude & Maps

Hi guys, Welcome to our Mighty Omega Trello, In this guide, we will show you  Traits and all the details such as controls, combat, Hunger and Calories, Muscle and Fat Loss, Jobs and Income and other information

So come and take a look at this guide. Also, You can check our Roblox Games Codes and Roblox game Trello page.

Mighty Omega Trello 


with combat tool:
M1 = light hit
M2 = guard breaker
F = Block

Hold F and press M1 = parry guardbreakers
Hold F and press M2 = counter prompt (they need to hit your block while prompt is available) you can counter any move

V = mount
M1 while mounting = Light
M2 while mounting = Heavy
(There is no difference between the two)


M1 for Light attacks, M2’s for Heavy attacks

If you’re holding F and then press M1, you can parry Guardbreaks to freeze them in place to get free hits in, if you use F+M2 instead of F+M1 you’ll be able to hit them away from you as a form of a counter.

Q is to dash and lower body+running speed makes you dash farther, blocking also takes stamina so be careful with blocking alot of light hits, cause if you run out of stamina you’ll just get knocked out and lose the fight no matter the health difference.

Press R to charge up Rhythm, you also build Rhythm by landing hits successfully. Rhythm give’s buffs to your damage and maybe some other stuff, unsure on that atm. Due to more Rhythm allowing you to use more of your stats, your stamina drain also increases.

Hitting the air drains moderately more stamina than when you land them on a target.

Don’t just use your skills randomly, be smart with them so they aren’t wasted in a fight cause some of the cool downs can be pretty long depending on the edits.

Hunger and Calories

The Yellow Bar is your hunger, and the red bar is your calories. If both of these are below 5% your will begin to starve which can cause muscle and fat loss.

  • Having more calories allows you to sweat faster
  • Gaining more calories above 70% causes you to gain fat from eating

Muscle and Fat Loss

When you’re starving (low hunger and empty hunger) You’ll passively lose Upper and Lower body muscle, along with fat if you have any.


You spawn into the game with a random height assigned to your character. The only way to become taller is from rolling Yolotall or Reinhold.

  • Being Taller allows you to have more range on your m1s, however you have slightly less runspeed and moderately slower strike speed
  • Being smaller allows you to have slightly faster runspeed and moderately faster strike speed, but you suffer from low range

Jobs and Income

There’s two job boards in the map, One infront of the Ramen store and the other infront of the Convenience Store in the City. It gives you a random mission from a group of 3.

  • Sweeping which will assign you to sweep the area depending on which mission board you go to.
  • Restock which will assign you to travel to one point and come back.
  • Delivery which randomly picks a set of houses from the Urban area to deliver to.
  • Restock is the best mission easily.

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After purchasing a Bank Account, you can use the Card tool you got to withdraw money from any ATM.


Helps with losing fatigue. Takes a few minutes for you to “fall asleep” and start losing fatigue.


The Challenge of 200

The 200 Trials allows you to do 2 things that are very major for players. It allows you to unlock ”Aptitudes”, which are passives you gain on stages 150 and 200.

And techniques you learn through randomized 200 bosses. These bosses can be Rain Kure, Lao Ohn, Inaba Ryo, Wakatsuki Takeshi, Hatsumi Sen, and Saw Paing. More will be added in upcoming updates.

The Challenge of 100

Trial of 100 is a tower where the strong meet in order to fight, you’ll meet several fighters throughout your ascension there, Some are notable, some others a bit less.

Titles and Rewards

Beating certain floors gives you money and mighty coins. Beating floor 50 gives you the title “The Challenger” along with the “Lee Rock” entrance animation. Beating floor 100 gives you the title “Kyoudai Conquerer” along with the “Akuma Pose” entrance animation.

That’s it for this Trello.

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