DBZ (DEMO) Trello – FAQ & Codes List

Hi guys, welcome to our DBZ (DEMO) Trello & DBZ (DEMO) Wiki for New Players. DBZ is a Roblox game  developed by Anime Metaverse. In this DBZ (DEMO) Trello you can find some DBZ FAQ, Controls and DBZ (DEMO) Codes.

So come and take a look at this DBZ DEMO Trello. So come and take a look at this Roblox Ability Wars Trello & Wiki. Also, You can check our Roblox Games Codes page.

DBZ (DEMO) Trello

Use M to open the menu

– E to lock on a target
– R to transform / hold R to de-transform
– Click to punch
– C to charge ki
– F to block attacks
– Double space to fly (shift to fly faster, control to descend)
– Z to pose

Pressing Q while being hit teleports you behind your target.

Pressing Q after knocking someone back teleports you to where they’re going to be Pressing Q while being hit can also teleport you out of their M1 combo


Will DBZ support Mobile & XBOX?
Yes, coming soon.

Will DBZ be translated to my language?
Yes, game translations are coming soon.

Will there be more races?
Yes, coming soon.

What’s the level cap?
The level cap is currently 600 and will gradually increase overtime.

Will there be customization?
Yes, coming soon.

Will my data be reset after the demo?
Yes, but demo players will receive a special reward when the game releases for people who hit max level.

Where can I see future updates for DBZ?
You can view planned game features & updates here: 919788436934754354/919794393077141525/959912860094455808

Does Turles drop anything?
Turles has a <1% chance to drop something… 👀

When does DBZ update?
DBZ gets an update almost every day.

The Offical DBZ DEMO Trello is a work in Progress and soon we will update our DBZ (DEMO) Trello with more information.

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