Slap Battles Trello & Best Glove Tier List 2022

Hi guys, Welcome to our Slap Battles Trello, In this guide, we will show you Tier List, Slap Battles is a game where you slap opponents into oblivion with various gloves that have distinct skills. Because this game is so wild, don’t be surprised if you see someone complaining about a hand that came straight from hell.

When you slap someone, you earn slaps, which you may spend to unlock new gloves. Some powers are passive, while others can be activated by pressing “E.” (mobile players have a button). There are many gloves like Special Glove, Secret Glove, and Admin Glove, so come and take a look at this guide. Also, You can check our Roblox Games Codes page.

Slap Battles Trello 


Over Kill

I’m disappointed in you. You have resorted to a pay-to-win glove because you’re that incapable of surviving. The Overkill Glove can kill anyone with a single click.

  • Glove Stats:
  • Power – ∞
  • Speed – ∞
  • Ability – Hot Touch [Passive]


“Watch the fight happen while you chill.”
Information: Spectator Glove is a gamepass glove that lets you be invincible while removing your combat abilities.

Glove Stats:

  • Power – 0
  • Speed – 0
  • Ability – invincibility [Passive]

Glove Tier List


“Very valuable yet not very useful.”

The Diamond Glove is the second glove you’ll get after playing for a few minutes. This glove is definitely for you if you feel like staying out of combat until you have the perfect chance to strike. Its ability lets you turn into a rock and nullify all the attacks towards you.

Note: You’ll get slowness for a few seconds after you exit the rock.

Glove Stats:

  • Power – 30
  • Speed – 13
  • Ability – The Stone Age [E]
  • Ability Cooldown: 9 seconds

Longer Reach Glove

The Long reach glove is a decent glove, its basically default glove with way longer range. However it has a broken hitbox where you sometimes can’t hit anyone even though you’re in the range of hitting that person.

Glove Stats:

  • Power – 20
  • Speed – 5
  • Ability – Longer reach [Passive]


The Lego Glove is one of the beginner gloves and is slightly better than the Default Glove. Its ability allows you to place down a lego brick that stuns people if they step on it.

Glove Stats:

  • Power – 40
  • Speed – 14
  • Ability – Litter Trap [E]
  • Ability Cooldown: 5 seconds

Acrobat Glove

The Acrobat glove is a decent glove that allows you to roll, evading slaps on the way

Glove Stats:

  • Power – 40
  • Speed – 10
  • Ability – Roll [E]
  • Ability Cooldown: 3 seconds


The Megarock glove is an extremely overpowered glove, however it is very painful to get. It is obtainable through getting the “WHY” badge. Upon activation of skill, it allows you to turn into a rock similar to diamond but bigger in size and kills anyone that comes into contact with it.

Glove Stats:

  • Power – 30
  • Speed – 13
  • Ability – MEGAROCK MODE [E]
  • Ability Cooldown: 2 seconds

Plague Glove

The Plague glove is a decently rare glove, it was released for an event, it starts like a chain reaction, patient zero being a user named “Spooks_init”. Any player who got slapped by patient zero or anyone with the plague glove will obtain it.

Glove Stats:

  • Power – 41
  • Speed – 16
  • Ability – Infection [Passive]

Obama Glove

Slap little children to literal space. Not even the reverse hand can beat you. And if you wish for a fast exit. look no further! Pressing E will kill you.

Glove Stats:

  • Power – ∞
  • Speed – 15
  • Ability – DEATH [E]

Edgelord Glove

You have now become the god of the universe. An immortal being of which anyone refuses to come near you. As if it matters though… Edgelord can end your life from across the opposite side of the map.


You have gained the ability to spawn unlimited clones with it comes to power to gain slaps at a rapid rate and literally crash the server with the sheer amount of clones you can spawn. Besides that, it has the same stats as the Replica glove.

Glove Stats:

  • Power – 46
  • Speed – 14
  • Ability – Spawn Unlimited Clones [E]


The same stats as the lego glove. But has the ability to spawn unlimited legos. Need I say more?

Glove Stats:

  • Power – 40
  • Speed – 14
  • Ability – Spawn Unlimited Legos [E]

That’s it for this Slap Battles Trello

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