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Project Bronze Forever Trello & Wiki

How to get Milcery in Project Bronze Forever:

1. Fly to Cheshma Town and go to Sawsbucks Coffee

2. Battle a NPC you will find close to the girl that gives you the coffee

The trainer Pokémons:

  • LvL 75 Milcery (LvL80 in 2th battle, Lvl85 in 3th battle)
  • LvL 80 Slurpuff (LvL85 in 2th battle, LvL87 in 3th battle)
  • LvL 85 Alcremie (LvL87 in 2th battle, LvL87 in 3th battle)
  • LvL 90 Vespiquen

3. After you beat him, you will need to wait 1 day to battle again but you may get these rewards:

  • Rare Candy
  • Old Gateau
  • Berry Juice
  • Milcery (thursday only)
  • Pewter Crunchy
  • Rage Candy Bar
  • Casteliacone
  • Strawberry Sweet
  • Lava Cookie
  • Sachet
  • Sweet Heart
  • Moomoo Milk
  • Flower Sweet

How to get reveal glass for therian forms

1: have dive and surf

2: go to route 17, go to the large dive spot and dive into it

3: go to the location in the image to get the item (its at the back of the area)

How do you unlock the randomizer?

It will automatically unlock and be selectable from the main menu once you complete the 3rd gym.

Where can I buy gamepass?

Going Forward, gamepass will be in the game pokeshop.

Note: Make sure to save as soon as you purchase it.

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How do I get Eevee in Project Bronze Forever?

You need to join this Roblox group linked down below called Get Noobed Games then talk to the old man in Silvent City to receive your Eevee.

How do I find / obtain Regieleki in Project Bronze Forever?

You first need to have the 8th gym badge, then you will find the door unlock in the basement of Silvent City.

What items are needed for Regieleki in Project Bronze Forever?

1x Magnet
2x Electirizer if you dont have Electivire, 1x Electirizer if you do.

How to Geto get tapu fini:

1st step: You need to get dive by going to tess’s grandfather in Rosecove City

2nd step : after U get the TM dive teach it to tentacool or Any other water type pokemon (I prefer tentacool)

3rd step : go hunt for unknowns which spell “OCEAN”

4th step : go In decca beach and dive to the nearest hole u see, there will be a rock When u dive in, rock smash the rock and u will find the TM stone edge, after u have it teac stone edge to a pokemon, (I prefer absol, larvitar or golden mew)

5th step : go to kanola Isle and dive in the hole u see with shadow Aura near it.

6th step : stone edge the ice boulder by having a pokemon knowing stone edge in ur team, then go back up and change ur team to the spelling of unknowns which say “OCEAN” and a surf and dive pokemon.

7th step : dive in the hole in kanola Isle and after where u stone edged the boulder there will be a way, to a maze (MAKE SURE U HAVE THE UNKOWNS WHICH SPELL “OCEAN” IN UR TEAM”)

8th step : u need to figure out the maze urself then u will see a wall saying the words “OCEAN” but In unkown form, interact with those walls and u will encounter tapu fini!

Battle Colloseum items

Bottle cap -> 2000 BP
Stat resets -> 20 BP
Sawsbucks Coffee -> 32 BP
Razor Fang -> 48 BP
Razor Claw -> 48 BP
Affection Ribbon -> 48 BP
Air Balloon -> 48 BP
Weakness Policy -> 48 BP
Eviolite -> 48 BP
Scope Lens -> 48 BP
Focus Sash -> 48 BP
Binding Band -> 48 BP
Wide Lens -> 48 BP
Incenses -> 48 BP
Luck Incense -> 200BP
Assault Vest -> 60 BP
Flame Orb -> 60BP
Toxic Orb -> 60 BP
Dawn, Dusk, Shiny, Stones -> 76 BP
Life orb -> 100 BP
Macho Brace 120 BP
Up-Grade -> 150 BP
Metal Coat -> 150 BP
Ability Capsule 200 BP
Choice Band, Scarf, Specs, -> 95 BP

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