Roblox Evade Trello Wiki – Next Bots, Gamemodes

Hi guys, welcome to our Roblox Evade Trello Wiki, In this wiki, we will show you Next Bots, Gamemodes, Usables, and Roblox Evade Skins. Evade is a Roblox game where you gotta team up with people, run, hide etc. Evade Nextbots are going to follow you around every Evade map and are able to kill you so watch out!! With Mobile And Xbox Support!

So come and take a look at this Roblox Evade Trello. Also, check our Roblox Games Codes and Roblox Game Trello page.

Roblox Evade Trello Wiki – Utilities, Usables & more

What is Evade Trello Wiki 2022

Trello is a popular project management tool that allows you to create and manage tasks, whether they are for a team project or your own personal to-do list. So a Roblox Evade Game Developer or a Community Game Player makes a Trello board for users to share game knowledge, Tips & Tricks.

Evade Trello has numerous items such as Utilities, Evade Best usable, NPC, Bosses, In-Game Currency, Evade Controls, etc. Trello is well-known for being one of the simplest project management platforms to learn and use. This Evade Trello will help to learn so many things about the game. Also, See – Project Bronze Forever Trello

Roblox Evade Xbox Controls Trello

Here’s The Evade Trello Control For Xbox!

Y Button: Flashlight
X Button: Whistle
B Button: Crouch
LB Button: Utilities
RB Button: Usables
LT Button: Zoom
L3 Button: Looking Back
Left Arrow Button: Open VIP Menu (works in your own private server)
Down Arrow Button: Emotes
Right Arrow Button: Change Point of View

(Fun Fact: Xbox Support have been add in 1.0.7 “The Ikea” Update)

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Roblox Evade Trello Wiki

Evade Trello Nextbot Guide

Nexbots are basically images (pnj/png) that chase you all over any maps. If they hit you, you will be downed and one of your teammates will have to revive you.

How do I avoid a Evade Nextbot?

There is multiple ways to avoid them, for example you can try to bunnyhop (spam jumping) to run away, you can run in circle, use colas (usables), try to do some parkour or bring the nextbots to your teammates

Here is a list of ALL the nextbot in the game and their sound.

Credit for Frost. (aka Frostholl) for Finding some of the Nextbot’s music

  • Obunga
  • Crepobunga
  • Sanic
  • Tbh
  • Troll face
  • Uncanny incredible
  • Squidward
  • Saul (his music: )
  • Wenomechainsama
  • Jerma
  • Peter Griffin
  • Patrick
  • Demoman
  • Engineer
  • Him (removed, no longer in game)
  • Bobo (his music: )
  • Sad Spongebob
  • Herobrine
  • Freddy
  • The rock (his music: )
  • Broda
  • Nathaniel B
  • krabs
  • Nerd
  • Stark
  • Drake
  • Kleiner
  • Master Chief
  • Sans

What is  Evade Custom Bot?

Evade Custom bot is a Bot You Can Make in Game, Custom Bot Menu Can be Found in Other Menu, while making a custom bot, you can put any id images on it and any killing/chasing Sound id, and after purchasing it, every bot in game will turn into the Custom Bot you made, Custom Bot is a one time thing and its not a gamepass

Evade Special Rounds Trello

What is Special Rounds and what are the Special Rounds in the Game

There are a few special rounds in the game Evade, down below you will see a list of the current special rounds in the game, and a brief description.

-Swap: Swap switches the places of players during the game, you will hear a sound effect for when a swap occurs.

-Invisible: The bot will be more translucent than they would normally be.

-Quiet: The bots no longer make sound unless its a kill sound.

-Speed: You and the nextbot are now faster (pretty self explanatory)

-No Sprinting: As the name suggests, you can not sprint during this round and may only walk, however the game does give a small boost in walkspeed

-Randomizer: Randomizes your utilities and flashlight to random things, during this mode it is possible to get an AK-47 or a Pistol, however these cant damage players and are just for a good laugh during this mode.

-Double Trouble: The amount of nextbots in the server is now multiplied by 2.

-Quadruple Trouble: The amount of nextbots in the server is now multiplied by 4. (Only works in VIP Servers)

-Darkness: The map is now put into a dark fog.

-Imposter: A random player will be chosen as an Imposter, the Imposter is not targeted by nextbots and when pressing 1 (utilities) they will pull out a gun, they are simply tasked with killing players

-No Jumping: so basically, no more jumping.

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What is Evade Gamemodes And What are The Gamemodes in Roblox Evade

Evade Gamemodes are other modes that is slightly different than the base game

‌What are The Gamemodes?

The current Gamemodes are listed here:

-Social Space | social space is a gamemode but without bots, this gamemodes was made to players that want to chill, dance, or communicate with other players, Maximum Players Each social Space server is 75.

-Big Team | big games is the same as the base game but with more players, maximum amount of players that can join the big team mode is 50 players. More Players, More Fun!

-Team Deathmatch | Team Deathmatch is a gamemode where there where be 2 teams, each team have to survive the longer than the other team, if every member of the team died, everyone on team will lose, and everyone in winning team no matter died or alive will win.

-Casual Mode | Same as the base game but infinite lives, 4 minutes round time, less rewards, and no reviving

That’s it for this Roblox Evade Trello Wiki – Next Bots, Gamemodes.

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