Roblox Ability Wars Trello & WIki – Best Ability & Bosses

Hi guys, Welcome to our Roblox Ability Wars Trello, In this guide, we will show you How to progress, How to get Punches, and tournaments. You will also find Boss’s Information, Locations, Normal Abilities, Badge Abilities, Secret Abilities, Special Abilities, and Admin Abilities.

So come and take a look at this Roblox Ability Wars Trello & Wiki. Also, You can check our Roblox Games Codes and Roblox game Trello page.

Roblox Ability Wars Trello

How to Progress?

These are your punches in Ability Wans and They appear in the bottom leftmost corner of your screen and tell you how many punches you currently have.

Don’t worry, these cannot be used up and will remain the same no matter what! These are used to gain abilities and appear on the leaderboard from most to least amount.

How to get Punches?

Punches can be earned in many different ways.

  • Through normally punching people with different kinds of abilities that can boost the amount you get for example: Bounty Hunter and Combo
  • Joining tournaments, they can grant you punches ranging from 40-150 if you manage to win.
  • Bosses, if you land the final punch on a cat/dog boss you will get a significant amount of punches.
  • Killing people/landing the last hit on them will give you 5 punches.
  • You can buy 150 punches from the shop for 40 robux. Totally worth it.
  • The x2 or x3 punch gamepasses will double/triple your punches, makes life easier.


The tournament is where many players gather and fight to the death and a slowly decreasing platform. There can only be one winner and that certain winner will gain a decent amount of punches IF they win, tournaments happen every 10 minutes.

Bosses List

Dog Boss

Roblox Ability Wars Trello

Big bad dog! Based on the developer and builder DuckyYaBoi aka quck. When landing the final hit, gives a significant amount of punches.

Drops: Trophy of Dog

Cat Boss

Roblox Ability Wars TrelloCute giant cat, based on the creator and scripter Checken.

When landing the final hit, gives a significant amount of punches.

Drops: Trophy of Cat

Mushroom King Boss

Roblox Ability Wars Trello

Ability Wars Mushroom King Boss is the Most unique boss, smaller than the other bosses but faster and shoots out the mushroom ability spores in large numbers.

When landing the final hit, gives a significant amount of punches.

Drops: Trophy of Mushroom King

Boss Abilities:

  • Ground Slam: Jumps up and hits the ground, slamming any player underneath,
  • Spore Spread: Sprays out multiple spores in a 180 Degree radius and deals pretty insane damage.



This is where you should be when you spawn in! All the abilities are shown here, and this is where you pick and choose your favorite! On top of spawn is the Cake Badge!

The Bunker

Has a full grey interior with a small gray table that has the Pizza Item on it. In the corner lies the entrance to The Backrooms.

Small Shack

These items are sold here:

  • Trophy of Checken
  • Trophy of Ducky
  • Bottle of Juice
  • Faulty Water Balloon.

The Alchemist Ability can be found here by climbing the ladder next to the door inside.

The Kick Ability can be found here on the shelf for 0 punches.

Tree House

Not very important, the mushroom in the corner of the map bounces you to the tippy top!

Ability Related Locations

Cube Dimension

You are trapped in this dimension.
There is no escape.
Death is inevitable.
You better hope the person who brought you here leaves with you.

Blood God’s Domain

The spikes instantly kill you, don’t get knocked into them!

Gives any user here the default ability, so that the Blood God has a fair chance against more powerful abilites.

Part of the Blood God Ability.

Gives the Blood God a small speed and knockback buff.

Grants the The True Blood God Badge if you kill the person who sent you here.

You MUST kill the other user to return to the overworld.

The Backrooms

  • Location of The Backrooms Badge!
  • Corresponds to The Bunker Location.
  • No Escape, death.

Ablities List

  • Normal Abilities
  • Badge Abilities
  • Secret Abilities
  • Special Abilities
  • Admin Abilities

That’s it for this Roblox Ability Wars Trello – How to get Punches & More.

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