Rush Royale Harlequin Inquisitor Deck ( 7k Trophies Deck )

Aaqib Javed
Aaqib Javed
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Hi all, this is u/narfcoc here again, also known as Gaarrek in Rush Royale. I just hit 7k today using my nonmeta Boreas/Inquisitor/Hex/Harlequin/Vampire deck. It was a long struggle playing against mostly people playing the same 2 decks (with occasional minor variations) but I never once switched to a meta deck during my climb. Does that mean that this deck is a new meta deck? I’m not sure. You can see in the matchups below that there are strengths and weaknesses to the deck, but given the increasing numbers of inquisitor players, it has gotten harder to get wins. Anyway, read through the below, try the deck yourself if you can, and comment with any thoughts you may have about the deck or the current meta.

Rush Royale Harlequin Inquisitor Deck

  1. Boreas
  2. Inquisitor
  3. Hex
  4. Harlequin
  5. Vampire

Rush Royale Harlequin Inquisitor Deck ( 7k Trophies Deck )

Rush Royale Inquisitor Deck Cards Role:

  • Boreas – Boreas is a consistent high damage unit and combos powerfully with Hex. It’s great in the early game and doesn’t require much effort to clear waves until later, making it strong vs. shaman.

  • Hex – Hex is great at killing late game-high health enemies but useless against bosses and mini-bosses. Boreas+Hex has been a deck for a long time, but traditionally it struggles very hard against bosses and tends to lose as a result. It’s also very weak to shamans.

  • Inquisitor – Inquisitor is a top meta card right now, so it’s not a surprise that I would want to include it in a deck. However, it’s important to note that this deck does not run cold mage or bombardier, so it can’t reach the anti-boss potential of normal meta inquisitor decks. Inquisitor is in the deck to help out against mini-bosses and bosses, closing the vulnerability that Boreas+Hex decks have to those units. It also works decently with Hex, since the AoE effect clears minions at a fair distance. This makes the deck deceptively strong against tamer, for example, because you never die to a triple heart knockout from the boss + a small minion just behind it. One thing you should never do in this deck is trying to get to 9 Inquisitors – it will not kill late-game bosses and it dooms you against late-game waves because boreas+hex is better at clearing those. 4 Inquisitors is the right number to aim for to clear mini-bosses and help against bosses, hopefully, all connected to Hex but not essential. Another reason for Inquisitor in this deck that’s hugely important is that it helps avoid bricking early on in the match and somewhat protects against shamans by giving you more DPS options, especially early.

  • Harlequin – I think most people know by this point that Harlequin is one of the best cards in the game. It’s incredibly important for setting up your board properly, keeping the right number of inquisitors, and keeping your hexes in the right spots.

  • Vampire A lot of people prefer Summoner to Vampire right now, and they might be right. However, the usual Summoner combo involves using both Harlequin and Mime, and there just isn’t space for both in this deck. This deck also tends to be a mana hog early on, since you need to max out 3 different cards eventually, plus try to get t2s and t3s. The summoner can high-roll better early on, but in my opinion, Vamp is a bit more consistent. Bedlam definitely makes Summoners better in some situations, though. Check Out here: Vampire Engineer Ice Mage Deck

Substitutions – As mentioned, you might consider replacing Vampire with Summoner. Additionally, you might consider replacing Harlequin with Dryad (I don’t have Dryad so I can’t say how effective this would be). If you were completely desperate, you could try to replace Harlequin with Mime, but your deck will greatly suffer (sorry people who don’t have Harlequin). I would greatly discourage you from attempting to substitute anything else for Boreas or Inquisitor, as these are the core of the deck and the basis for your anti-Shaman strategy. Nothing else really comes close to filling their roles adequately. Additionally, Hex is also a core card, although perhaps post-patch it might be viable to try either Grindstone or Knight Statue. I will be experimenting with both.


  • Inquisitor decks (Cold Mage/Bombardier/Grindstone + Inquisitor) – This is not a great matchup for this deck, but it’s not impossible. Inquisitor in general is a bit too good right now at both clearing waves and killing bosses. Hex helps you keep up in the late game against waves, but once bosses reach 1M+ health you’re probably not going to be able to clear them. Additionally, the slow+stun variations of this deck can stall waves enough that even if you are clearing faster you can still die to a mini-boss. But, like I said, it’s not impossible to win. You do have the tools to survive early on and through the mid game, which means you have time and therefore hope that the inquisitor player messes up or gets unlucky.

  • Shaman decks – This is what I would consider a favorable matchup for this deck, and is probably the biggest reason why I was able to climb to 7k with this deck. Boreas+shaman decks are quite popular right now, and having a double win condition means you are less likely to die to these decks early on or by the mid-game when they start to die themselves to waves and bosses. It’s not a guaranteed win by any means, and it’s still very challenging (especially if the first boss is Tribunal or they get lucky early shamans), but I’d say most of the time this is a win.


Like a lot of people, I’m not happy with the current meta. Seeing the same 2 decks (with minor variations) for thousands of trophies is dispiriting, and it makes reaching 7k a rather trivial exercise in grinding out the required number of games once you reach a certain skill level and copy one of these decks. Putting together this deck was my attempt to try to inject some new experiences into the ladder. Now that I’ve reached 7k, I honestly am not likely to keep playing ladder much. The experience of facing the same 2 decks is rather dull to me. In fact, I debated whether or not to share this deck at all, if it just means more deck copying instead of innovation. Still, maybe some of you can rediscover your love of the game by trying something new, or maybe this will inspire some of you to try new combinations and shake things up yourselves.

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