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Project Slayers Guide 2023 for Update 1.5

Project Slayers Human Progression

To start your Project Slayers progression you will need to get to level 12. If you plan on progressing as a human, it is suggested you farm the first 2 quests then farm Zuko until level 12.

After you are level 12 you can move on to finding a trainer of choice. After finding your trainer you need to go and do their quest and finish final selection, it is suggested you have a friend or two to take to final selection otherwise it will prove to be quite difficult.

Project Slayers Demon progression

Now if you’d like to dedicate your life to Muzan and become a demon you will need level 15 to talk to him, To level up to level 15, you should do the first 2 quest then farm the boss Zuko till level 15 like a slayer path.

After that you will need to find Muzan in one of his randomly generated spawns. It is highly suggested you get the Muzan finder gamepass or have a friend that has it that can show you the way to him.

After speaking to Muzan and doing the quest you will need to roll your BDA at zapiwara cave.


These are only the Beginner tips for human and demon and dont account for later progression. (Including Slayer and hybrid races)

Slayer progression is slightly different than human progression (Post Final selection).

Project Slayers Guide Bosses Location

Project Slayers Bosses Location Update 1.5 & Drop

Human Boss Location & Drop

Zuko Boss

Bandit Zuko is the first Project Slayers boss in the game to beat, he is part of Soma’s Questline and he drops a special item, he is located right outside of Kiribating Village.


20% chance to drop Zuko’s Necklace

Starter Village (Kiribating Village)

Kaden Boss

Bandit Kaden is one of the early Project Slayers bosses in the game to defeat, he is part of Grandpa Shiron Questline, and he is located in Ushumaru Village. He uses claws for his attacks.

Tier 1 Chest

Ushumaru Village

Slayer Boss


Sabito is a mid game Project Slayers boss who uses water breathing, he was once one of Urokodaki’s Students. He uses water moves when he attacks and he has a chance to drop a special item when defeated.


Tier 1 Chest
12% chance to drop Sabito’s Mask

follow East from Waroru Cave

Zanegutsu Kuuchie

Zanegutsu is a mid game Project Slayers boss that uses thunder breathing, when defeated he has a small chance to award thunder users with a special move.

Tier 1 Chest
10% chance to give the move Thunderclap and flash Sixfold

Location – Zapiwara Mountain


Shiron is a mid-late game Project Slayers boss, also one of Shinobu’s students, who uses insect moves with her attacks, when defeated she has a small chance to award insect users with a special move.

Tier 1 Chest
10% chance to give the move Butterfly Dance: Caprice

Location – Butterfly Mansion


Sanemi is the wind pillar, he is a mid-game boss that uses wind moves in his attacks when defeated he has a chance to award wind users with a special move.

Health – 1500

Drops: Tier 1 Chest – 10% chance to give the move Idaten Typhoon

Location – Wind Trainer

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